My rose in heaven, she was too beautiful for earth.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Peace in my heart

Jessica, my sweet angel baby, my life is richer for having had you in life, as brief as that may have been. I hold you in my thoughts and in my heart. I have good friends who create a wonderful support network for me and through them i have learned that just because I let you go, I will not lose you. You are forever in my heart. With the birthday party, candle lighting and balloon release we had for your 24th heavenly birthday this past weekend, I have felt a calm that I haven't felt in the 24 years since you have been gone. I was so afraid that letting you go would mean I would lose you. I have finally found peace in my heart and it feels good. Know that I will always love and miss you dear sweet baby.


Just when I think
my little girl is gone,
she reminds me
that she is very near.
I see her purity in the snow
that falls from heaven.
Her beauty shows with
the flowers in bloom.
My little girl's love is felt
in the summer sun.
The wind chimes play her music,
while the spring showers
tell of her gentleness.
My little girl reminds me
that she is very near.

Thank you Cara, this is so beautiful!!

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